Are you ready to get started with Adobe Acrobat X Pro? 5 tips in 5 minutes are all it takes.

Whether you're new to Adobe Acrobat or have been using it for years, we've got you covered with quick videos that give you the information you need to make the most of your trial.

If you're new to Acrobat

See how easy it is to add Acrobat X Pro to your current workflow

PDF file conversion

Convert almost any file into a PDF, quickly and easily.

Scanning to PDF

Scan paper documents and turn them into editable files with optical character recognition (OCR).

PDF Portfolio assembly

Organize your work and make it look even more impactful with PDF Portfolios.

Commenting tools

Add comments to any PDF document with just a few clicks.

Form Wizard

Create fillable PDF forms that others can complete online and without printing them out.

If you're experienced with Acrobat

See how Acrobat X Pro helps make your work faster, easier, and even more compelling

Customizing PDF Portfolios

Take your PDF Portfolios to the next level with enhanced customization features.

Rich media

Add dynamic content to your PDFs with rich media.

Version Comparison

Eliminate confusion and make PDF reviews even easier with software version control and document comparison.

Action Wizard

See how the new Action Wizard automates routine tasks to save you time.

Online document reviews

Save time and improve feedback across your team with online document reviews.